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Oak Doors - Boosting Light Levels

You may assume that when you're looking to improve the light in your home, lounge, living room or kitchen, that you'd be better off chosing glazed oak doors compared to that of solid oak doors. Put simply, the natural occuring material 'oak' once treated with high polish can reflect up to 80% of the light refracted onto the panel, providing just as much light and airiness to a room than that of having nothing. If you're ever unsure, speak to a professional.
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Architectural lighting designers – what is their role?

New lighting style is just an area interior planning and electric design that’s worried about the look of illumination methods, within structure, including equally, electrical light, or organic light, to assist individual desires. The style procedure takes account of: Individual activity’s type that illumination will be offered The quantity of lighting needed The light’s colour […]

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Get Your Christmas Lights to Last Another Year!

As we approach the date for last removal of christmas decorations, you might be hoping you can get away with keeping your festive lights up outside (because let’s face it, they are a pain to put up and take down each year!) However, you’ll be doing your lights a big disservice if you were to […]

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How to Spend Less on Your Lighting

Lighting can end up costing a small fortune, especially with the cost of electricity rising year by year.  There are ways to cut down the amount you spend on lighting your home – here are my top tips. First, take a good look at when you are using your lights.  Are you turning them on […]

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Choosing appropriate lighting for any room

Getting the lighting solutions right in your home can be difficult.  There’s a fine balance between enough light and too much light!  Here, we go through each room to help you to decide which types of light you want. Lounge/Sitting room: Often the place where we relax and watch TV or read a book, lighting […]

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Lamps – styles and designs you need to know about!

Generally termed ‘bulbs’, lights would be the changeable and removable section of a lighting installation, which changes electrical power into radiation. Although lights indicated in w, have typically been ranked and promoted mainly when it comes to their energy usage, of illumination engineering beyond the bulb expansion has removed wattage’s communication towards the quantity of […]

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The gradual phase out of incandescent bulbs…

Authorities all over the world and steps have handed to phase incandescent bulbs for common illumination out in support of more power-effective lighting options. Phase out rules properly prohibit importation, the produce of incandescent bulbs for basic illumination. If they’re sufficiently efficient the rules allows purchase of upcoming types of incandescent lights.  Why have these […]

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Lighting and its effects on the environment

Compact fluorescent lights Small fluorescent lights (CFLs) use less energy than an incandescent lamp to provide exactly the same quantity of lighting, nonetheless they include mercury which is really a removal risk. Because of the capability to decrease energy usage, the ownership of CFLs encourages. Some electrical resources supplied them liberated to clients as a […]

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Lighting and your health – what you need to know!

It’s useful to supply color-spectrum and the right light-intensity for atmosphere or every job. Normally, power not just might be wasted over-lighting can result in mental outcomes insurance and undesirable health. Beyond the power facets being regarded, it’s essential to not over-style lighting, lest the greater light levels induce undesirable health outcomes for example headache […]